Our Team

Bulcaen Mattijs, 21, MSc Biochemistry and Biotechnology

As a biochemist in the making, I really hope to contribute to society. This way I want to carry over my passion for science to others. I believe there could no purpose be more noble than bundling the theoretical and practical knowledge of the different scientific domains to achieve a common goal. The SensUs project is in this point of view an extraordinary opportunity. It does not only combine social and communicational training with science and research, but also aims for the delivery of a competitive and biomedically relevant technology.

Ciwinska Marta, 22, MSc Biomedical Sciences

When I heard about SensUs competition, I got really intrigued by the idea of developing biosensors in order to help diagnosing diseases in a much faster and effective way, give patients the opportunity to monitor their health and progress of disease or to keep an eye on their treatment. The development of the fully functional molecular biosensor that will improve patients’ comfort is my goal. Due to my studies, I gained knowledge about diseases, their mechanisms and potential treatment, this background will be helpful in choosing the best approach in constructing the device. I like testing my theoretical knowledge in a practical, laboratory environment, that is why I participated in research projects and learned useful techniques which I can apply in the competition.

Janssens Xander, 21, MSc Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Since the start of my education at KU Leuven, I wanted to conduct scientific research that is of social importance. As such, the SensUs competition is the ideal opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into meaningful practice. Furthermore, I consider a biosensor to be of undeniable importance in present and future healthcare. Seeing that a good health is one of the most important aspects of one’s quality of life, it is my ambition to be able to help people and see this project as a suitable possibility to do so.

Kornblum Sophie, 28, MSc Biomedical Sciences

One of my goals in this competition is to learn how to recruit sponsors and hopefully to see research with real translational potential for rheumatoid patients. I am very interested in medical research especially if it leads to an improvement in the health of patients. In this case it is about patients with rheumatoid arthritis what is a very common disease, and which is not age related, so a wide variety of the population is affected by this autoimmune disease. That is why it would be very nice if the biosensor we make would work and help these people relieving their symptoms and so that they hopefully have a more normal life.

Marolt Nika, 23, MSc Bioscience Engineering

When I saw a presentation of SensUs – it felt like my life goal dream appeared in front of me. Since I’ve started to study Biotechnology I wanted to do something good for the world that could have a good impact on people dealing with different health problems and SensUs competition is giving me a chance to do that. I see this as a great opportunity for the beginning of my life career path where I have big plans for the future. I just love science and working in the laboratory. I hope with my experiences I will contribute to the whole project and give people a chance to have a better quality of life.

Rutten Eline, 23, MSc Drug Development

I want to participate in the SensUs Competition because I would like to put into practice the courses I have been studying so far and to use this knowledge to improve the life of patients. As a master student in pharmaceutical sciences I learned about the technical aspect of drugs, for example the mechanism of action and the development process, but I’m also interested in the other aspects of the life sciences. This competition gives me the opportunity to learn from students with different backgrounds and to take on a new challenge. I hope I can strengthen the team with my knowledge of drugs and their development and my enthusiasm.

Van Tricht Charlotte, 21, MSc Bioscience Engineering

The SensUs competition will allow us to contribute to the wellbeing of other people through technology. Also biosensor technology and its future application in personalized medicine is a subject that sparks my interest. I hope we’ll be able to succeed in the translation potential of our project. Recently, I engaged in a management consulting program in order to further expand my interest in the financial landscape. I see the SensUs student competition as an opportunity to develop business and entrepreneurial skills in a culturally diverse environment. Through creativity and interest in technology and financial aspects, I wish to contribute to a positive outcome for our project.

Vanhauwaert Eline, 21, MSc Bioscience Engineering

Just as cells, biosensors do fantastic things for people who need it on a miniaturized way. For that reason, I am so interested in biosensors, and I am excited to learn more about it. I am pleased to be a part of the SensUs team of the KU Leuven, because it is a great opportunity to convert the theory into practice. I am convinced to learn a lot from the multidisciplinary team and to broaden my knowledge with this competition on different levels. After all, our biosensor will hopefully be a first step into a more comfortable life for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Guluzade Sona, 22, MSc Nanoscience Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology

During my high school and BSc studies I have participated in International Science Olympiads namely in chemistry field. It brought me closer to theoretical science. With SensUs I want to improve practical engineering side of my academic profile. My goals for the competition are building a biosensor that will contribute hazard free treatment of RA; increasing my knowledge about sensor technology and entrepreneurship plus learning how to work better in a team in order to reach better results than combined effort of individuals can accomplish.

Gutierrez Carolina, 24, MSc Biochemical Engineering

I did my bachelor’s in biotechnology engineering, in the field of Bioprocess. In 2016, I attended a summer internship in the University of Manitoba, Canada, where I learned first-hand that any Bioscience Engineering department always needs a multidisciplinary team. My ultimate goal in participating in SensUs is the application of scientific knowledge into a product that can positively impact our society. During the past 3 years, I was involved in several entrepreneurship projects in the area of Biotechnology. What I learned with these experiences together with a high perseverance and commitment will be my main contribution to the team.

Lu Yuansheng, 18, BSc Industrial Engineering

Growing up being passionate about engineering, I seek for every possible opportunity to deepen my understanding in this field. I’m enthusiastic in team work and I hope to exchange life experience with people from diverse backgrounds. Biosensors have huge potential in improving people’s lives. I appreciate that I have lots to learn to be able to achieve my ambition and am looking forward to acquiring new skills in the SensUs team but hope to one day turn my ideas into reality. Although I don’t have much experience in biosensors, I am motivated and open to learn from everyone in every possible way. I am willing to contribute time and energy and I am concrete and consistent about this decision.

Nanjappan Chezhiyan, 23, MSc Nanoscience, Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology

I have good knowledge in the fields of biology and biosensors as I had closely worked with them in my projects and research works in my undergrad program in biomedical engineering. In my nano master program here at KU Leuven, I am studying a course related to synthetic biology which has induced a keen interest for learning more about it. Furthermore, I am very much excited to work and learn in this multicultural team.

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