Milestones and News

Bio assay


  1. Optimising flow rate

For our chips, we would like for the fluid to flow towards the fiber with an ideal velocity and also to be able to stay in contact with the fiber as it slowly stops.

Thus we needed to perform a lot of tests as well as measurements (including using computational tools).

At the beginning, the whole team was under tremendous pressure, however we pulled it off in the end.

2. Integrating sample and washing buffer in the same channel

When we started off in the beginning, we needed to apply two different liquids to the fiber at subsequent order. The main problem was with keeping them apart without them diffusing into each other.

In order to solve the problem above, we increased the distance between two liquids and cleaned the channels with a lot of discretion. In addition, we laminated the chips in a highly aligned order.

3. Change the design to exclude the washing buffer

In the process of our research, we realised the washing buffer caused marginal improvements in the measurement. Thus we renewed the design of the chip and eliminated the buffer component on the chip.

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